The future of business cards
For people who wish to make a memorable first impression!
Tap your card On a phone, and a link opens with your contact details.
Here’s how it works
On your first tap/scan of smart card, your profile will get created in 4 mins.

Benefits of Smart Business Card

1) Share contact information in single tap.

The primary use of a business card is to share contact information. Before we use traditional printed business cards. but most of the time it lost its actual purpose because it’s just a piece of paper. But now we are introducing a smart business card in which we can share our contacts with a single tap and it gets saved in their contact list.

2) All details in single place.

Smart business cards not only share our basic contact information. We can include our social accounts, maps, and other important links. 

3) Can easily update information .

We can easily update our information which cant be done on traditional printed business cards.

4) Premium look.

Smart business card gives a premium look that can match your status.

Jefe Smart Cards