Recruiting for Nonprofit Board Members

When things go wrong in the nonprofit world, it’s usually the board of directors that take the brunt of criticism. A dysfunctional board could result in mismanagement, and even financial disaster. It is essential that your Board of Directors have the experience and knowledge to oversee your organization.

When you are seeking to recruit Nonprofit Board members, you’ll want to find those who are passionate about your cause and are committed to meeting the needs of your organization. They must be able to know their obligations and roles in order to be a part of all your company’s decisions, like adopting policies, determining the compensation for the Executive Director, and raising funds.

A functioning Board is an essential bridge between your nonprofit and the community. It is your board’s job to determine the best way to serve the community through your organization. The executive director together with the staff will then implement the vision that was determined by the board through the day-to-day operations.

In the past, a lot of nonprofits sought out wealthy and well-connected individuals to sit on their boards. These connections are still vital but it’s much more common to find people who have a passion for your find out here cause and are committed to the cause. It is also essential to seek out candidates for various positions so that your board is comprised of a wide range of viewpoints and perspectives. In fact, a study done by Korngold found that 78% of those who served on boards for non-profit organizations claimed that it helped them become more willing to listen to viewpoints that are not their own.

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